DJ Entertainment

Time and again Fantastic DJs & Photo Booth continues to offer the best in Chicago entertainment, Fantastic DJs & Photo Booth is available for a variety of events throughout the area. Select your event from below for more information about our services.

Execution (ek-si-q-shen) n: To create (a work of art, for example) in accordance with a prescribed design.

We will take the time to learn as much as we can about you and your fiance, including your opinions and priorities. Our approach is attentive yet unobtrusive. We are sensitive and enthusiastic, and our purpose is to create a meaningful reception for you and your guests. Learning from each experience, we are open to different ideas, unique concepts, and varying cultural perspectives.

Have you ever been to a reception where the music was too loud, or the opposite; you could not hear? Not with Fantastic DJs & Photo Booth!