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Who are We?

Fantastic DJs & Photo Booth is one of the many great DJs in Chicago entertainment. Event planners, clients and guests alike agree that Fantastic DJs & Photo Booth can fill a dance floor, and keep it packed throughout the evening. Combining expertise with client-centric service, Fantastic DJs & Photo Booth continues to build their reputation with word of mouth recommendations.


"DJ Mike – We had so many compliments on our photo booth and the music played at the wedding. Pat and I had an amazing time and wish the night didn’t go by as quickly as it did. Thank you so much for everything. You were Fantastic!"


“We knew when we met you that you were the right DJ for us, and boy, were we right on! Thank you so much for making our big day so much fun for our families, friends and us. You created the perfect vibe for our daytime wedding, and we can’t be more thrilled about having chosen to work with you.” – Lisa & Joe

The Process

Working very closely with our clients to ensure they are completely satisfied. The final meeting prior to your event will include a step-by-step walk-through of your agenda details, time-line and name pronunciations to ensure the entertainment schedule is exact. And, if you need to make changes, we are happy to accommodate your needs.

Meet the DJs


DJ John

DJ John – is the brave leader at Fantastic DJs & Photo Booth. He started the company over 15 years ago at the tender age of 25. Then he met George, Nick, Mike, Joe and Mark, now the rest is history. Today he has a significant staff to manage and still does a few events when he can. He can DJ any type of party from ethnic weddings to movie premiers for the big boys. He costs a little extra but you won’t be disappointed.


DJ George

DJ George – His friends call him Java George, probably because he drinks so much coffee. He and Eddy specialize in that friendly bar atmosphere. Eddy is the technical DJ behind the curtains at Fantastic DJs & Photo Booth. George can work the crowd like no one’s business and sings a mean “Gambler.” As for Eddy, he sings an incredible “Open Arms” that even has the group Journey wondering if he should tour with them–they both almost always have everyone in tears.


DJ Nick

DJ Nick – has also been with Fantastic DJs for several years. He can be seen performing every weekend. The question is what surprises does he have in store for his dancing guests? I’ve never seen anyone look as good as nick while performing, very clean and smooth. Nick enjoys walks on the beach and romantic dinners by candlelight… “as long as you’re paying.”


DJ Mike

DJ Mike – is a true master of ceremonies. His skills on the microphone are world-renowned from Chicago to Asia. If you want your wedding to be unforgettable, then Mike is the man for you. He enjoys green apple martini’s, long tranquil bubble baths and the feeling of velvet on his skin.


DJ Mark

DJ Mark – now this is a guy who really understands all types of music, having fun at all his events and knowing how to read the crowd comes natural for this hotshot DJ. When he’s in the studio mixing or having fun getting ready for his upcoming meeting with his client’s, his personality will keeps us all wondering, what will he think of next? Man, this guy can dance!!!


DJ Joe

DJ Joe – is one of those loveable, hugable kind of guys. The ladies love his hot mixing and he moves the crowd like a true professional. Even when he smiles the ladies are sure to remember the look on his face. Go ahead and give him a kiss, and he’ll give you the exact same smile you see in his picture. He’s truly one of the best DJ’s on the market. Even Grandparents loves him!

Disclaimer: All faces have been changed to protect the innocent. Any resemblance to other people either real or fictitious is purely coincidental.

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